Details of venue and booking for 2016/7

Talks take place in the Watson Gallery unless otherwise stated.

Any event with a * needs to be pre-booked. 

 £2 for Members: £3 for Non-Members - including light refreshments




      18 October 2016 Tuesday,

Will. J. McMahon (graduate student).

Talk, How rivers worked before land plants: world-wide visits to the Pre-Cambrian and Lower Palaeozoic


      1 November, 2016, Tuesday

Mapping Geological Features on Mars


15 November, 2016, Tuesday,

Talk, Dr Ed Fleming (Cambridge Arctic Shelf Programme)

Dynamic glaciation during a Late Pre-Cambrian Snowball Earth event - insights from field-work in the present-day Arctic


Please note the change of date - which happened at the last minute - apologies to members who may not have know. 



6 December, 2016, Tuesday,

Friends Christmas Party, 6-8 pm 



17 January, 2017.

Talk, Professor R.H.White (University of Cambridge)

Our latest work in Iceland: tracking underground movements of igneous melt using earthquakes


*7 February, 2017,

Experimental Geology , Dr. Mike Tuke,

Pebbles as keys to where material has come from.

Please book for this event 


7 MARCH 2017

Gisela Poesge

Geologist and Deputy Director of the Ries Crater Museum

Meteorite Impact Craters on Earth;

  what they are teaching us about the Impact mechanisms


Relief Map of the Crater



14th March, Tuesday

Talk ,Dr. Nigel Woodcock (University of Cambridge)

New thoughts on the Shap and similar granites. 

 Please note the date change for this talk.


*23 March, 2017, Thursday 

Sedgwick Dinner, Downing College 

 Please see Trilobite for booking arrangements