Details of venue and booking for 2017/8

Talks take place on Tuesdays in the Watson Gallery unless otherwise stated.

Any event with a * needs to be pre-booked. 

 £2 for Members: £3 for Non-Members - including light refreshments





Jack Wright [OU] 

Mapping Geological features on the surface of the planet Mercury



Dr Ed Tipper [CU] 

  Chemical Weathering in SE Asia



Prof Ian Fairchild [Birmingham U]

The oldest & greatest glaciation of Scotland



Christmas Party



23/1/18 *

Dr Mike Tuke

Experimental Geology, Meteorite Impacts


Charlotte Jackson [CU] 

Researching Mantle Rocks in Botswana



Dr Emily Mitchell [CU]

Using lasers to illuminate the Start of Complex Life



Dr Ruth Siddall [UCL], Dr Nigel Woodcock [CU] & Euan Furness [CU]

History, Nature & Plans for the Watson Stone Collection


Prof Peter Sheldon [OU]

Trilobites, microevolution and environmental change

 21/3/18 *


Sedgwick Annual Celebration Dinner at Downing College



Musical Evening to celebrate the Bicentenary of Adam Sedgwick becoming Woodwardian Professor.


13 - 19/6/18*

Dr Mike Tuke

Exhibition to the North-West Highlands Geopark