A copy of the Draft Minutes for approval at the AGM June 2017.





Friends of the Sedgwick Museum                         

Draft Minutes of the 16th AGM, Tuesday 28th June, 2016

Ground-floor Common Room, Department of Earth Sciences, Cambridge, 6.00 pm

1. The Chairman (Dr Peter Friend), welcomed members. 19 members were present. Apologies received from Nick and Mary Faiers, Freya Normington, David and Anne Courtney, Gordon Royle

2. Minutes of 15th AGM. 23/6/15. These are available on the Website (Friends of Sedgwick Museum.com/draft minutes for AGM 2015).

3. Election of Committee for 2016/7.

The Committee proposes no change of Committee for the new year.

Peter Cox resigned when he moved away from the area.

Presidents: Gidon Bahiri and Freya Normington

Ex-Officio member of the Committee: Dr. Ken McNamara (Director of the

Sedgwick Museum)

Honorary Officers: Dr Peter Friend (Chairman), Dr Mike Tuke (Vice Chairman), Ms Margaret

Sanderson (Secretary), Dr David Peel (Treasurer)

Other members of the Executive Committee: Jean Currie, Peter and Carol Franklin,

Sarah Freshney, Jennifer Maddock, Francisca Norman, Hilda Stoneley and Marjorie Veale

Acceptance of the Committee was proposed by Anne Squire and seconded by Margaret King.

4. Accounts for 2015/6

David Peel presented the Accounts to the meeting.

He summarised – the Friends raise money from the Subscriptions [unchanged], income from events and field trips and donations. Gift Aid [from £800 voluntary contributions] provides approx. 41% of income. Running costs – postage reduced due the greater use of emails.

£6898.94 increase in funds. £38,039.15 in hand. £5K was donated to the Map Project.

Intended to donate £25K for a major project – but there will be enough to maintain the three student placements.

Query from Ian Scholey re ‘with current interest rates we are, in real terms, losing money’.[Item 4, AGM Minutes 2015] – as the Friends funds were increasing – DP replied that it was the ‘buying power’ due to the low interest rate – less than 0.5% and inflation in the profit in.

Gill Mallett asked if there was to be an increase in subscriptions – not at this time.

Jennifer Maddock explained that the comparatively low annual subscription was supplemented by local Members paying to attend events [The membership of the Friends is scattered across the country].

Peter Friend – has summarised the donations to the Museum since the Friends’ foundation 2001.

It will be included in the next Trilobite.

Jennifer Maddock proposed that the accounts should be accepted seconded by Peter Franklin.

Peter Friend thanked David Peel for his work as Treasurer.

5. Events for 2016/7,

v 1 – 4 September 2016. Visit to the City of Bath and the Avon Valley

v 18 October How rivers worked before land plants.

v 1 November Mapping geological features on Mercury

v 22 November “Dynamic Glaciation during a Late Pre-Cambrian Snowball Earth event - insights from field-work in the present-day Arctic”

v 6 December, Friends Christmas Party, 6-8

v 17 January, 2017. ‘Our latest work in Iceland: tracking underground movements of igneous melt using earthquakes”

v 7 February Experimental Geology “Pebbles”

v 21 February, New thoughts on the Shap and similar granites

v 7 March, Ries Crater [Provisional]

v 23 March, 2017, Thursday Sedgwick Dinner, Downing College

6. Spring and Summer 2017

Possible events Jersey, Madeira, clinch and Burwell2 – details in Trilobite 32.

7. Any other business,


Peter Friend thanked everyone who has contributed to the Friends – it is important to many people mixing as it does geology with enjoyable trips and members who enjoy each others company.

Margaret Sanderson 29/6/16